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USA-icon1. On February 10th*, 1887 Anton (Anthony) Dirk Horstmanshoff was born in Amsterdam . Probably around 1910 he moved to Hull, Sioux County, Iowa.
Berend Te Slaa and his wife Berendina Gezina Somsen emigrated from Aalten in the Netherlands to the United States on 24 July 1911. Their daughter Grada Te Slaa met Anthony Dirk in the USA and they married on 22 March 1917.
Grada and Anthony had three sons; Henry, Joe and Bert. Anthony died December 20, 1951 and was given eight grandchildren.
Many Horstmanshoff family members in the States will descend from Grada and Anthony. Are you one of them? Let me (Rob) know!

Family Tree Horstmanshof USA from November 24, 1911:

Anthony’s (Anton Dirk) Ancestors, Male line:

His father: Hendrik (3) Horstmanshof
Born: 4 feb 1852 In: Amsterdam, Holland
Deceased: dec 1929 (age 77) In: Amsterdam, Holland

Father of Hendrik (3): Hendrik (2) Horstmanshoff
Born: 4 mrt 1828 In: Amsterdam, Holland
Deceased: 27 feb 1881 (age 52) In: Amsterdam, Holland

Father of Hendrik (2): Hendrik (1) Horstmanshoff (they loved the name Hendrik!)
Born: 13 feb 1794 In: Amsterdam, Holland
Deceased: 22 jan 1897 (age 102!) In: Amsterdam, Holland

Father of Hendrik (1): Petrus (Pieter) Horstmanshof
Born: 1751 In: Amsterdam, Holland
Deceased: 26 nov 1827 (age 76) In: Amsterdam, Holland (Petrus younger brother Evert is my ancestor)

Father of Petrus (Pieter): Harmanus (Hermanus / Harm) Horstmanshoff
Born: 1727 In: Werther (Bielefeld), Germany
Deceased: 1826

We still haven’t traced further back than Harmanus (Hermanus / Harm) Horstmanshoff.

2. John Horstmanshoff emigrated in 1962 from Holland with eight children to Salt Lake City. In Salt Lake City another three children were born.
John was born November 16, 1923 in Indonesia.
In 1949 he married Ilse Theodora Pereira.
One year later they emigrated to The Netherlands, their home for 12 years and moved in ’62 to Salt Lake City.
John passed away at home November 20, 2004 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

John’s ancestors, Male line:

John’s father: Hermanus Horstmanshoff
Born: 12 aug 1881 In: Kotaradja (Sumatra-Utara), Indonesiëjohn_horstmanshoff
Deceased: 26 dec 1953 (age 72) In: The Hague, Holland.
(Harmanus had in Kotaradja (Sumatra-Utara), Indonesië a second wife, according the Family Tree. With her Hermanus had 3 daughters, Leentje, May 26 1907, Emma Theresia August 1st 1912 and Maria December 31th 1915. These daughters were born in Tanah Grogot (Borneo), Indonesië. The details of this woman are unfortunately unknown to me).
Oddly enough, I can not find John in the family tree or I am misstaken. Then the family tree is incomplete. I will inform the admin.

Hermanus father: Johannes Evert Hermanus Horstmanshoff
Born: 13 May 1851 In: Jisp, Holland
Deceased: 21 jan 1891 (op de leeftijd van 39) In: Sukabumi, Indonesië

Father of Johannes Evert Hermanus: Hermanus Horstmanshoff
Born: 15 jun 1813 In: Amsterdam, Holland
Deceased: 25 mei 1879 (op de leeftijd van 65) In: Wormer, Holland

Father of Hermanus : Johannes Horstmanshoff
Born: 7 nov 1781 In: Amsterdam, Nederland
Deceased: 27 feb 1865 (op de leeftijd van 83) In: ‘s-Gravenhage, Holland

Father of Johannes: Harmanus (Hermanus / Harm) Horstmanshoff
Born: 1727 In: Werther (Bielefeld), Duitsland
Deceased: 1826 (op de leeftijd van ?~99?) in Amsterdam, Holland

We still haven’t traced further back than Harmanus (Hermanus / Harm) Horstmanshoff.

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* Information thanks to Theo de Ruigh 9 feb 2021